Hashtag #Vietnam: The week's best photos

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Here are 10 of the most memorable snapshots on Instagram that you should not miss


Balloons for sale in Hanoi

A photo posted by Visit Vietnam (@visitvietnam) on

A foggy day in Da Lat, the Central Highlands

A photo posted by Denise ter Beek (@denise.ter.beek) on

Vendors bring bursts of colors to a Hanoi street

A photo posted by hà ti?n anh (@prince_studio_vn) on

A wedding photo taken by a lake in Da Nang, central Vietnam

A photo posted by Amber Koh (@amberykoh) on

Making coffee at Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City

A photo posted by Ana Cubo (@anitacubo) on

A bustling street in Hanoi
A construction worker on the street

A photo posted by @kenshi215_diet on

Night in Hoi An, central Vietnam

A photo posted by Jensen Chua (@jensenchua) on

A market on the Mekong River in Can Tho

A photo posted by boitiet (@thutrangho) on

The gate to the former imperial palace in Hue, central Vietnam

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